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The car screen notes "bluetooth off" and I can't turn it back without turning the car off. I have tried opening the eTune App prior to starting the car, after starting and opening and closing the app after the connection is lost. Nothing works. Is it the car bluetooth or the the S4?
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My Samsung Galaxy S4 finds the Laptop, but no response or action is made by Laptop. If you're using Windows, you'll need to go to the bottom-right part of your task bar, find your WiFi settings, and click your Galaxy S4's hotspot network name. Jun 04, 2020 · Delete a device from your Bluetooth list. If you are having trouble with a device you've already paired your phone with, try starting from scratch. [14] X Research source An issue might appear to be a matter of whether your phone's Bluetooth is on or not, but really you need to re-connect your phone to the device.
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3 Touch Connections. 4 Touch Bluetooth. 5 To turn on Bluetooth, touch the slider. Note: Make sure the device you are trying to connect to is in pairing mode.
To tether your internet via bluetooth on your Galaxy S4: Go to home Settings Connections More networks Tethering and portable hotspot and check Bluetooth tethering. As explained in this answer, you can tether two mobile devices easily by pairing the devices and enabling data on the first device. Moving media with the Samsung Kies Application is a quick and easy solution to transfer files between your Galaxy S4 and a computer. Samsung Kies is a computer application that allows you to manage, transfer, update, and sync music, movies, photos, and other information between any supported Samsung device and your computer.
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The wifi/bluetooth chip is soldered directly to the motherboard. Sounds like the phone has probably experienced a substantial impact at some point, but there could be other causes. If your frame is bent I find it unlikely that the speaker contacts would have lost contact. Either way, your wifi/bt... - Samsung Galaxy S6
Bluetooth Share has stopped - Samsung Galaxy S4 - Car Handsfree I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone in a brand new 2014 Subaru Outback. Since updating the software on the phone to Version 4.3, I am unable to achieve a stable synchronisation between my phone and the car hands free system.
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On your Galaxy S4, setup Bluetooth pairing with the device that need to use Galaxy S4 as the gateway to access Internet. Tips: Here's the guide to setup Bluetooth pairing on Galaxy S4. On your Galaxy S4, go to home Settings > Connections > More networks > Tethering and portable hotspot > and check Bluetooth tethering.
Jan 29, 2015 · How to turn email sync on. The first step is to make sure that you have enabled master sync, read here if you have not yet enabled master sync. Then if you have already enabled master sync, follow these steps to enable sync on your email:
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I have some problems, when I did the backup of my N95 via Bluetooth, I got all my contacts in 'vCard' format (.vcf), and I’m here to ask if there’s any way to import them to my new Samsung Galalxy S4? Galaxy S4, the latest flagship smarphone of Samsung, is been said as a real life companion to make your life richer, simpler, and more fun. Device Administrator Samsung S10
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Remove all clutter, including coins and pens, from the area near the Kia’s infotainment system to help maximize the Bluetooth signal between the vehicle and your smartphone. Make sure your smartphone is fully charged. When it’s low on battery it will put out a weak Bluetooth signal, which in turn can cause problems, such as dropped calls.
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Jul 08, 2013 · Connecting to a Bluetooth Device. Make sure the Bluetooth device you want to connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has the Bluetooth turned on and is set to discoverable mode. Then open the Notification Panel and tap the Bluetooth shortcut to turn the feature on. The icon will turn green when Bluetooth is on. Learn how you can export or backup your contact list to other devices using Bluetooth on the Samsung Galaxy S4."samsung galaxy" galaxy samsung s iv s4 "s 4" ...
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I have the same issue. When accepting to turn on wifi or bluetooth is seems like it is turning on by it switches back off. Both via the quick tab and in settings. I would appreciate some help thank you! Samsung Galaxy Tab4 WiFi SM-T230NU Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone. Tap Bluetooth to turn the function on or off. If you turn on Bluetooth visibility, your mobile phone is visible to all Bluetooth devices. If you turn off Bluetooth visibility, your mobile phone is only visible to paired Bluetooth devices.
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